At Horizon Aviation, we are known for our outstanding performance when it comes to avionics installations. With a maintenance and service department, we can now provide you with a one-stop-shop. We have a staff of trained and dedicated A&P mechanics that can suit you and your aircraft for better service and faster turnaround times. Our maintenance department can handle both unscheduled and scheduled maintenance to keep you flying, even in the most inconvenient times. 

*A minimum of three hours labor will be charged on all invoices.

Flat Rate Annual Inspections

We have the necessary tools and space for most General Aviation airplanes and rotorcraft. We offer a flat rate Annual and 100 Hour inspection based on average of hours for each airframe. Parts such as oil and filters are not included in the flat rate fee. If any defects are found during the inspection process that require attention, Horizon Aviation will notify the customer and provide an estimate for repairs for approval at normal shop rate of $125 per hour. 

Annual/100 Hour inspections includes:

  • Airworthiness Directive Research
  • Pre and post runup systems checks
  • Spark Plug Service
  • Aircraft battery test and service
  • Engine compression test
  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Engine air filter change
  • Magneto to engine timing
  • Instrument air filter change
  • Airframe inspection
  • Airframe lubrication
  • Landing gear extension and retraction tests
  • Wheel bearing clean and repack
  • ELT inspection in accordance with FAR 91.207(d)
  • Exterior and interior clean and wash

Contact us for a quote on Annual or 100 Hour Inspections. Pre-Purchase Inspections also available. 

Insurance Claims

Forgot to chock the wheels? Car backed in to you? Mother Nature decided you didn't need a pristine airplane? Regardless of what it is, we have you covered. We have an outstanding relationship with numerous well renown suppliers that can help get you on and off your wheels again. Contact us for an insurance repair quote.